Thanks for visiting Ed's Urns, Plaques & Memorials. My name is Ed and I have a small wood shop at my home in northern Illinois. In January 2016 my father-in-law went home to be with the Lord. With the family struggling to find an urn they liked that was also affordable we decided to design our own. The design we developed was the Wooden Cross Urn. Everyone loved the urn and I was grateful to have the opportunity to make it for them. I decided to contact some of our local funeral homes to see if there would be interest in this design. I purchased a laser engraver to be able to include images and personalizing. I have been offering my urns through them since that time and have decided to pursue a broader market. In 2017 I added plaques and memorials to my selections. All of my products are handmade from quality solid hardwood and can be shipped or picked up locally.


Pricing for the large urn with the milled cross or any stock laser image in any of the four wood species is $179.00. 

The small urn in any of the four wood species is $110.00.

Personalizing any urn with a name, date or or any additional laser engraving is an added cost of $20.00

The hardwood plaques and memorials will vary in price due to size and content. Layout and laser run time are the more costly parts of a custom plaque. A small plaque (i.e. 5X7) will typically run $20.00 +/- whereas a larger plaque (i.e. 8X10) with more engraving may run up to $40.00 +/- depending on laser time.

Tree slab plaques and memorials are $40.00 which includes all laser engraving.

The use of photos may increase costs due to the extra time to process and test the photo.

All orders will have 7.25% sales tax added.

Please contact me for further information.


Shipping charges will be actual shipping cost rounded up the the nearest dollar. Plaques will typically ship Priority Mail through USPS. Urn shipping will be shipped either USPS , UPS or Fedex depending on cost and time sensitivity.

To Place An Order

To place an order or get more information,

please contact me by email or phone.

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