Many times I will add products due to customer requests. Sometimes a person will contact me and ask if I make a specific type of item. My response is typically "Not yet but lets see what we can do". Here are a few of those items.

Please contact me with questions or for more information on these types of items.

Children's Dump Puzzles
These can be both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and shapes. They come unfinished for you to paint any way you like as in example #1.
puzzle 3.jpg
puzzle 4.jpg
Personalized Ornaments
Personalized ornaments can contain images and text and can help celebrate special people and moments in your life. These are typically 3mm or 1/8" hardwood.
ornaments 5.jpg
ornaments 1.jpg
ornaments 2.jpg
ornaments 4.jpg
Laser Cut Ornaments
Laser cut ornaments are cut from 3mm or 1/8" hardwood. Some can contain text depending on the design of the cut.
ornaments 6.jpg
ornaments 5.jpg
Laser Cut Names
Laser cut names are cut from 3mm Birch plywood. Font choices are are very limited due to the letters needing to connect to each other. Sizes can vary up to approx. 24" wide. These examples were made for wedding place markers.
names cut.jpg
names cut 1.jpg