I've chosen my wood species based on their quality and aesthetics. I use only clear finishes that highlight the natural beauty of the wood and its unique qualities. The four wood selections are very different from each other offering variety in color, grain and over all finish.

sample cherry 2.jpg

Cherry is a beautiful domestic wood. It is light to medium brown and has a nice grain. When first cut and milled it is a lighter brown but darkens to more of a medium hue over time.

sample jatoba.jpg

Jatoba is also known as Brazilian Cherry. It is an imported species from the Caribbean, Central America and South America. It is a very heavy, dense wood. It's color is a reddish brown often with darker mineral line in the grain. Jatoba will darken over time to a deeper reddish brown. 

sample sapele.jpg

Sapele is part of the Mahogany family and is imported from Africa. It is a beautiful  medium brown tone with a unique ribboning in the grain.

sample walnut.jpg

Walnut is an exceptional domestic wood. It has a darker brown color with a lovely grain pattern often containing interesting figured areas.